About Us

Creating Custom Carnival Carts and Kiosks for over 10 years!

Working as a food equipment repairman for a concession supply company for many years, walking up & down midways of carnivals, fairs & some theme parks, Michael Curci one day was asked by a well known & successful concessionaire (Peter Karagerorgis of Peter’s Fine Foods) to build 4 sinks on wheels. Not knowing much about why he needed it, but being very knowledgable on equipment & how they worked, he was able to build a very nice looking yet functional sink cart.

The joy in building it was incredible. Mr. Curci immediately took courses in computer engineering & graphic design. Working early mornings & late evenings before & after his regular job, he started to make small & simple carts for his customers who knew him. They were totally delighted with them.

With that, Mr. Curci’s passion grew even larger. In 2001 he started a company called Midway Concepts. He later left his 17 year job & took many financial risks. He now makes large 8, 9 & 10 ft fold out carts & kiosk for concessionaires & major theme parks. He now is called Midway Stainless Fabricators. Today they make a wide variety of concession carts, kiosk, sinks, steam tables, buffet tables, hoods & much more.

From funnel cake carts to sinks, buffet tables to lemonade stands, Midway Stainless Fabricators has been the premier designer of stainless steel equipment for the restaurant and outdoors caterer since 2001. Founded by Michael Curci, Midway Stainless Fabricators combines experience with style to create large 8, 9 & 10 ft fold out carts, kiosks, sinks and tables for concessionaires & major theme parks. Quality is our top priority and that’s why we offer a one-year warranty on all our products and provide on-site repair service for all of our customers (see warranty page for details). As your #1 online resource for stainless steel restaurant and catering equipment, carts, kiosks, sinks and more, let Midway Stainless design/fabricate fine stainless equipment for your enterprise today!